Body Confidence ~ Love your body – Splash Swimwear

Ever looked in the mirror at a swimwear shop and thought “I don’t like what my body looks like” or “I could never wear a bikini” or “I can’t wear bathers” We definitely have at Splash!

Sadly, it’s kind of an instant reaction to put ourselves down girls, especially with the pressures of unrealistic expectations that social media has for us. This has to stop!


When you are next in front of that mirror say to yourself – “Thank you body for keeping me healthy” “Thank you body for giving me life” “I am beautiful”. Because guess what girls, you are!


Sometimes it may help to have a few tips and tricks for deciding what bathers you love. At Splash we have had many trials and errors on ourselves, so here’s a few of our secrets to get you loving your beautiful body!


Got curves? Flaunt them!


Tip: It’s all in the angles, diagonal lines that come down the waist and straight up and down darker colour panelling on the sides of the waist, create an hourglass shape and directs the eyes to the smaller part of your waist. For tummy control try powermesh fabric for extra hold and support. It’s also sneaky and hides any unwanted bumps. Tankinis are also great for flattering the waist. Try ruching fabric and putting a darker bottom to match the top like black or navy. This looks so nice!


Want to wear a bikini?, hell yes!


Try a high waisted pant to create the same hourglass look. For extra support for our bigger breasted ladies, try boning and underwire for security, we all want to jump into the pool! Wider, adjustable straps add extra comfort too and can be crossed over on the back to create lift and support.


We at Splash Swimwear can offer you support and assistance when choosing the right bathers for you.


Call us (08) 8981 4550 and our friendly, experienced staff will be happy to assist you.


Or pop in store and we will guide you through the tips and tricks discreetly and professionally.


Splash Team