Creamy Curls Solid Conditioner Bar

Designer: Viva La Body

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Solid Conditioner Creamy Curls is packed full of nutrients to deliver soft creamy curls!

Castor oil is nature’s gift to thick curly or wavy hair! It offers so many benefits such as strengthening and bringing density to the hair shaft. 

It is a perfect oil to nourish dry, damaged, split or frizzy hair.

Hemp Seed Oil moisturises and strengthens hair with Guar to smoothe the strands and to leave hair with a soft glossy sheen.  

Shea butter is rich in so many nutrients including vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants making it a super nourishing food for both skin and hair.

Mandarin, Lavender & Rose Geranium essential oils bring moisture and shine to curls.

Vegan friendly

Made in Darwin Australia

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