Sustainability Focus

holster prioritizes sustainability, with 65% of materials used in our shoes being recyclable post-use. Our sneaker collection is crafted from recycled ocean plastics, certified by the Global Recycled Standard. Ten 600ml water bottles produce one pair of sneaker uppers, reflecting our commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Ethical Production

We take pride in our ethically produced collections, with parts handmade and crafted by accredited manufacturers. Working closely with ethical offshore suppliers, the CEO visits biannually to ensure standards are upheld. No child labor is involved in any holster designs, and our team conducts weekly factory inspections to maintain the highest production standards.

Eco-Friendly Materials

holster footwear incorporates natural, renewable, and biodegradable materials like cotton, jute, and rubber. In select sneaker ranges, we use a new yarn made from recycled plastic bottles, certified by the Global Recycled Standard. Ten 600ml plastic bottles produce one pair of sneaker uppers. Our REACH PVC is recyclable under Category 3.

Transparency Commitment

holster values transparency in our supply chains and welcomes inquiries about our design and manufacturing processes. We believe in honesty and openness, striving to provide clarity to our customers every step of the way.

Shipping Nationwide and Beyond:

Enjoy free express shipping across Australia on orders over $100. We also ship internationally, spreading swimwear joy worldwide.

Get in Touch:

Questions about sizing, shipping, or anything else? Reach out to our friendly team at (08) 8981 4550 or via our online enquiry form. Experience Splash Swimwear today!