It's critical that you carefully follow the care recommendations on your swimwear. Here are some more tips to help you get the most out of your swimmers:

To remove salt, sand, pool water, and sweat rinse immediately after use.

After each use, hand washes in cold / warm water with a mild detergent or liquid soap.

Wring, soak, or bleach the clothes.

Do not tumble dry; instead, drip dry in the shade.

Do not store or leave rolled up when wet.

No ironing or dry cleaning.

Contact with rough surfaces (such as Velcro, pebbles, or poolside tiles and pavers) should be avoided since this may cause tugging on swimwear.

Although the finest dyes are used, total color fastness on specific fashion colors cannot be guaranteed. Wearing light-colored clothing over wet swimwear is not recommended since some colors may bleed or transfer when wet.
We recommend against wearing your swimsuit in spa baths or public pools with high chlorination levels since this will most certainly cause harm to your swimsuit.

Some sunscreen lotions, tanning oils, and artificial tanning products may mark, discolor, or damage swimwear; this is not the swimsuit's fault; please keep these away from your swimsuit.

  • Chlorine, sunscreen, perfume, deodorant, tanning products, and sweat may all discolor and age your swimsuit. 
  • Swimwear should be rinsed in cold water or washed with a light detergent. To help extend the life of your swimwear, we recommend Aqua Tog Wash.
  • If the clothing is machine washable, wash it inside out in a garment bag on a moderate cold machine wash with comparable colors using mild detergent.
  • Before cleaning, remove the detachable cushion and unfasten it.
  •  Gently drag your fingertip over your swimsuit to remove any trapped sand. 
  • Dry your swimsuit flat in the shade to prevent colors from running and fabric damage.
  •  Hard surfaces cause snagging and excessive wear and tear to any fabric, even swimwear.