Established in Australia in 1914 and now headquartered in Nottingham, UK, the Speedo swimwear label has evolved while still paying homage to its roots with the iconic boomerang motif. Internationally acclaimed, Speedo is synonymous with sports-inspired swimwear and swim-related accessories.

Speedo was born on the iconic shores of Bondi Beach, Australia, in 1928. Our journey of innovation commenced with our Scottish founder, Alexander McRae, introducing the Racerback suit in that pivotal year. This revolutionary design marked the world's first non-wool suit, providing unprecedented freedom of motion.

Since that historic moment, our commitment to innovation has translated into more Olympic Gold Medals being won in Speedo than any other brand. At Speedo, we leverage the most advanced materials and cutting-edge designs, catering to a diverse spectrum of swimmers – from Olympic champions to fitness enthusiasts, beachgoers, and children embarking on their swimming journey.

Our legacy of innovation speaks volumes: we pioneered the use of nylon in swimwear in 1957, introduced chlorine-resistant fabric in 1994, and revolutionized swimwear with the launch of Shapeline – the first almost made-to-measure sculpting suits – in 2010.